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vrf Learning VEE while playing sound files in Windows.

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 13, 2002
Hi folks,

I'm still fooling with the 6.03 update because it has at least one
improvement which I find helpful (DevPower "FlatButton" ActiveX fix) but
6.03 appears to have broken a few things.  My latest discovery involves
use of ActiveX  MSComCtl.ocx (Microsoft).  I use the list view supplied
with this library to display a list of status indicating icons along
side a second list containing available sensors.  This has worked well
right up until I updated to 6.03.  Now I find everything works correctly
the first time I run the program but, thereafter, some of the icon
list's characteristics have changed.  Originally there was no border
around the list and the background color matched the Vee panel - on the
second run there is a black line around the list and the icons are
displayed on a white background.

Clearly there has been a change but it could be that I have been getting
away with something previously.  List views are not the simplest things
to deal with but still, since the initial code works correctly, the
correct list settings must have been saved as part of the application.
Why do I need to do something different to save them with Vee 6.03?

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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