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vrf GP-IB Interface Problem on Vee 7.0

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 20, 2006

Possibly a hardware failure...

...grab another PC and plug in your 82350A/B and check it out. Also, may be try it out on another PCI slot on your PC.


--- "HOUSTON,TOM" <> wrote:

> I have a test system that has been working for a long time.  Vee 7.0
> on Win2k.
> I was doing some programming and apparently with no cause, the 82350B
> quit responding.  
> When I view the interface in the Connection Expert, it gives me a red x.
> I removed all the external GPIB cables and rebooted.  No change.
> I removed the drivers, rebooted, and reinstalled.  No change.
> I swapped the 82350B for another 82350A card.  Deleted the drivers,
> rebooted, and reinstalled no change.
> When you go to the Expert, it says there was a communications failure.
> When you drill down, it says there was a ResourceNotFound.
> It's late on Friday and I'm pretty fried.  What am I missing?  Any
> help would be appreciated.

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