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vrf Switch control and DMM using VEE, HOW~?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 26, 2006
Hi Jess,


We try to understand you right.

I guess you mean ‘how to make your PC communicate to 3499A and/or 34401A’?

As far I know, 3499A and 34401A should not able communicate by them self to each other.


After you add both instruments in IO Manager of VEE, both programming manuals should able to tell you the commands syntax to perform your desired function/operation. Direct I/O object in VEE could do most of the cases. More examples are documented in manuals too.


Hope this help.







From: Jess You* []
Sent: Thursday, October 26, 2006 5:02 PM
Subject: [vrf] Switch control and DMM using VEE, HOW~?


Hi folks...

I got some doubt how to start on a switch control system and a digital multimeter using Agilent VEE.

Need to test on switch control in model: Agilent 3499A, and digital multimeter in model: Agilent 34401A.

Using Agilent VEE, how to make this two instruments communicate with each other, specially during switching, latching and non-latching?

I tried to find some example from internet, but cant get any....

I've created a sample code using Agilent Sample Code Wizard, but the problem is how do i apply this code in my VEE?

Gimme some idea pls.....


thanks and regards,

Jess You




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