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vrf customFileOpen - nearly there!

Question asked by scubaman on Nov 14, 2001
Hi Shawn,
I think I'm nearly there.  I really appreciate you putting this together,
and it will fill my needs exactly once I get it to work perfectly.

Unfortunately, some things are not behaving the way I expected them to.
Here's what I did to your example to get it to work in my Vee 6.01 under

specify c:     empcfo.dll and c:     empcfo.h explicitly on write and import

don't delete cfo.dll - it's blocked in win2k at least while the dll is

check 'clear file on prerun and open" for .dll and .h write

trap error 702 at .dll write (in case program aborted and the .dll was not
unloaded, file is locked and can't be written to - but it's loaded, so we
can continue)

add write "long __stdcall CFO(long x)" as first statement in .h - no idea
whether this does something or not, can you tell me whether this is what
you meant?

So far, so good.  NO MORE HANGS!!!  (thanks,Gary!)

But, I can only specify a directory once via CFO.SetInitDir("d:\test");.
I can not select a different start directory before the next call, the
dialog starts in the last directory I selected from (not the last one that
was set, if I navigated to a different directory from there, that's the one
I start out with)

And, if I add CFO.SetFlags(#H800000); to the formula box, I get the old
default Vee dialog instead of the custom dialog   I thought this would
simply add the sizing controls to the dialog

Richard Kleinhenz

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