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Question asked by yarien on Aug 21, 2006
GAO,QI (A-Sonoma,ex1) wrote the following on 20/08/2006 02:01:
> From VEE's online help under Memory leak, it documents two known
> scenarios.
> Here is one of them.  Notice the "expected course of program execution".

> Your program may leak memory when a Formula object uses an Error pin,
> and the Error pin fires during the expected course of program
> execution. An example of this condition is where an expression
> performs a divide-by-zero operation causing the Error pin to fire.


> Here is the other scenario -
> The memory leak condition exists only if a transaction object contains
> two READ transactions that both reference the same output pin, but use
> different data types. The following pair of transactions is an example:

How big is the memory leak in the case of the Error pin leak?  Is it a few k per error, or is it dependent on the type of error?  If it's a small memory leak then I'm not sure I'd see its effects after just five or six iterations of my main program loop.

As for the second memory leak, I don't have any IO that looks like that.  I keep it simple, one type per variable!

Increasing the available swap memory seems to have done the trick, but it seems like a dirty solution.
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