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vrf AW: Saving an XY plot from VEE to PDF

Question asked by detlef.baranski on Nov 17, 2003
For additional information:
you will get the need to press some buttons then- print this, print that ,
is it okay and so on.
If you want it more automatically, you can use sendkeys.
There was a long thread about choosing different printer outputs
automaticllay in the past.Search for Shawn
Hope this will get included in the new 7.0 version

But you can also use an automated pdf-archiv program, which redirects all
printer outputs to an pdf file maker and archive it automatically.
Have a look at :

best regards,

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An alternative to Acrobat Writer (and by that, I mean free!) can be found

It installs in much the same way, i.e. generates a Printer called
'PDFCreator'. I've used this on several occasions and the results look
pretty good!



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I assume you mean the full acrobat (the writer) and not just the reader?

Hi Bill,
If you have Adobe Acrobat installed, you should have a printer [driver]
named Adobe PDF.
Look under Start->Settings->Printers
Try specifying this as your printer for VEE then use VEE to print the plot.

I just tried it.  The driver prompts you for a filename, it uses VEE.pdf as
the default.

Here is a sample:


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11/14/2003 04:25 PM
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Hello all,
I need to generate multiple PDF files from XY plots in VEE. My program will
generate an XY plot from the same function for 8 different conditions. These
plots then need to be assembled in an electronic document format (hence PDF)
for distribution. Any ideas?
Bill Murphy
Product Engineer
Analog Devices, Inc.
DSP&SS Division
Tel: 781-937-2873
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