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how to measure time interval using 53220A series counter

Question asked by tamourjaved on Apr 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by jdwindrvr
   I have a 53220A counter/timer, I want to measure the time interval between two channels, the way I want it to work is that the the channel1 should wait for a particular trigger than start the timer and when a particular trigger is reached at channel 2 the timer stops and also the counter stops i.e I need only one time interval measurement and not the continuous.

   Now I am trying to read the manual and follow the instructions but its my first time using these devices so I am facing some difficulties. In particular I am having difficulties how to setup triggering and gating options, I want my channel 1 to start triggering and channel 2 to stop the measurement cycle. There are several triggering options, like internal external and manual. 

    So can any one help me with setting up my measurement cycle?


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