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How to shift the measurement plane of to the device plane

Question asked by mtxx on Mar 28, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2012 by Dr_joel
Good day to everyone.

This is my first post and i greatly need your help.
For my project, i would like to measure the S11 and S21 of a DUT.
my DUT, are various thin pieces of material, approximately 2x2cm, and 0.1cm thick will be sandwich between two rectangular waveguides.

i have 2 VNA at my disposal. 
1. Agilent E5070B 
2. Advantest R3767CG.

In order to measure the S11 and S21 of ONLY the DUT (excluding the waveguides)
i need to shift the measurement plane to the device plane.
as shown in the attached picture.

I've done lots of reading in google, and the googled results are not detail and satisfactory, or maybe they are too advance for my understanding.

According to an application note by Rohde& Schwarz on "measurement of dielectric material propertiess", this can be done by 
-adjusting the electrical length or 
-using the de-embedding function present in most vna.

I cant find anything about "de-embedding" feature in the manual of my both vna, but i found out that i have the electrical delay function. Sadly, i have no idea how to calculate the delay required.

How can i calculate the required electrical length correction to exclude the effects of the waveguides?
Please help me, any help will be deeply appreciated.