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vrf Vee Pro 6.0 - File formatting error in Run Time Version (

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 17, 2001

I have just begun using VEE Pro 6.0 and I am modifying programs written in VEE 5.01. The development version of the modified programs runs fine, However after I create the Run Time Version and place a link to it on my desktop and try to run it - I get file formatting errors ( error 729 ). Is this a bug in VEE PRO 6.0 or am I missing something ?

Additionally, if I run the development version of VEE PRO 6.0 ( The Application Software ) and open these modified Run Time Versions in VEE PRO 6.0 - the Run Time Versions run fine. I only get this error when I attempt to run the Run Time Versions by double clicking the program from "Windows Explorer" or by double clicking a copy or link from my desk top. It appears to be a bug in the Run Time Version of VEE PRO 6.0.

The last pertinent point in this problem is that after modifications were made in VEE PRO 6.0 I began running these programs in VEE PRO 6.0 Mode.

Has anyone found a solution for this problem ?

Tim Hercamp

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