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Did you know this about the i3070 ICT Test System?

Question asked by adrianc Employee on Mar 19, 2012
*_Executing .exe in BTBasic_*

Hi Everyone, 
Did you know that you can execute .exe files within BTBasic testplans?
In fact, you can also run batch (.bat) files, too.

There are 2 ways ...

- Execute and forget 
+execute "display.exe", Err; +
   Err = traps error codes; mostly missing .exe file
   = some options can be set like nowindow, window, failwait, nowait, wait

- Execute and wait for response
+enter "display |",,Err ; Ret$+
+print Ret$+
   Err = traps error codes; mostly end-of-file (Err 101007) errors
   Ret$ = the output string (max 80char), which you can use in the testplan

You can find detailed information in the user manual.

With the above commands, you can execute an application that checks the database whether the board's serial number is detected prior to executing the rest of the testplan. If you use the "enter" command, you can get a "PASS" or "FAIL" result into the Ret$ and handle this in the testplan.

rgds ... adrian

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