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vrf read serial port

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 12, 2006
Hi all,
I have 2 questions.  First, I have a project to upgrade an 15 yrs old  executable C program.  The station is running manually and I need to automate the station.   I don't have the original source code.  I am using VEE 6.2 and Win 98.  I amd using Execute Program(PC) to execute the old executable C program but I am not be able to interface with it using VEE and not be able read the test result in real time. 
Is there an activeX control to do this task?
Secondly, the station also have a customize circuit board to reads temp, volts and currents throught Serial port.  When I go to Instrument Manager and Find Instrument, nothing is found.  How do I read these data through a serial port? Thank you for all the helps.


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