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Visual Studio - GPIB Connection Problem

Question asked by onur on Apr 26, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by hognala
Hello Dear Users,

I have a 33120A and I want to communicate with it through GPIB. I wrote some test code (just writes "*IDN?" to the device) in C# and am able to send&recieve commands. Then I published my code and worked at one of the laptops. It worked just fine. After that, I tried the other laptop. But a problem occured. The last PC could not communicate with the device by using Visual Studio. It gives the error code: "HRESULT 8004009e". I searched the Internet, but could not manage to find anything useful. On the other hand, it can send&recieve commands with Agilent IO.

Is there anyone who come across with a problem like this? Or is there anyone who knows why something like that happens? I have the same problem with other equipments such as E4419B, E4438C and E8257D.

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