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vrf variable question

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 9, 2006
In the first case (Memtools.OpenFile("blabla"...)) you're in a formula that escapes with the backslash. The double backslashes are required to escape the escape character (the backslash).

In the second case, that is a string constant and these constants do not evaluate (i.e., the output of "Shawn" + "Fessenden" looks just like that from a string constant, but it looks like Shawn Fessenden from a formula.

In the in the formula with input A the string already has double backslashes and will produce an error no matter what. Change the constant to a formula and input "blablabla" (with quotes, wihch makes it a literal which means it will be escaped) or eliminate the double backslashes in the constant.

In any case, the quotes around the "A" send this function the a string of one character: 0x41 0x00, "literally" A (so unless you have a file named A that will work this won't work)