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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 17, 2006
"Mairs, David" <> wrote:
> Thanks for your response,
> The "user object" completes but there is no output From the "from
> file", everything to that point works And the selected file name is in
> the "from file" box.

exactly what I would expect-- there's no output since when you enter this routine the file pointer is already at or near the file end -- ehnce nothing more can be read by the "from file"

> I am not sure how to perform your suggestion:
> check the environment that is calling this routine to make sure that
> the pointer is getting reset properly.
> How do I check the pointer is getting reset?

Either explicitly REWIND the file pointer or close/open the file depending upon what you need to do. I'd have to guess at what your overall program does, but for robustness

add a REWIND before your loop starts

add a CLOSE after the loop finishes

That way your loop always starts at the beginning of the file.

Of course if the file is dynamic it may not have 5 lines like you are trying to read.

Since you are reading in a loop, you probably should read one line at a time.
As it is you will lose data unless your file has a multiple of 5 lines.


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