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vrf Programming Noise Figure measurement on PSA

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 5, 2006
Hi All

I have experienced difficulties in programming Agilent PSA E4400 with Noise Figure option 219.

I've found out there are at least couple of errors in the programming manual (and pdf file). Using front panel to start a calibration you press CAL twice.
programming manual the code is ":corr:coll" which gives a "missing parameter"
error message on PSA screen. Actually code should be ":corr:coll STANdard" which I found comparing commands on Agilent Noise Figure Analyzer manual.

Also selecting display meter mode doesn't work either because of wrong commands in the manual.

Does any of you have information about correct commands for that instrument option or example programs? My measurements are done on downconverter (receiver)using HP346B Noise Source.

Thank's you all

Seppo Forssell
ATE Engineer
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