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Compatibilty between eCal N4692A and PNA (E8636B/N4420B)

Question asked by cmwong on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2012 by cmwong
Hi, as mentioned in the subject header, I would like to enquire if I can use remote communication using PLTS v2012 with PNA and perform calibration with eCal module N4692A?

The reason I am asking is because the Agilent Singapore application engineer where I am residing advice us to use PLTS legacy mode (PLTS controlled mode) to work with N4692A eCal and that remote comms is not able to do so. Previously, we are always using remote comms with PNA for TRL and mechanical SOLT calibrations. We hope to remain this way.

I believe perhaps with some settings being made with PNA controlled mode, it is still possible to use remote comms and work with eCal N4692A?

If anyone, please kindly advice if there are necessary steps involved for remote comms.

Thanks very much in advance.