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AW: vrf Excel error

Question asked by VRFuser on May 5, 2006
Latest reply on May 5, 2006 by VRFuser
Have a look how many instances of excel are running - via strg alt delete and taskmanager.
Sometimes this error may happen if Excel gets mixed with too many instances.
If you have V7.5, then use the excel lib .
Just use the fundamental call .
You can use your own old code then , too.
Just change to

The big benefit of the VXL lib is that it just opens one instance of excel.

And don't forget to close the lib at the end...

Any other hints ?

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Betreff: [vrf] Excel error

I've been using this same code with excel with version VEE version 6 & 7 without this error. And actually I've been using similar functions with vee 7.5 without errors but in those cases it wasn't in as big of a loop.  I have not transitioned over to using the 7.5 built in excel functions yet.  Now I'm getting an intermitten error.
The line of code is:
ExcelApp.Worksheets(gTab).Range(gStartCell).Offset(R,C);  to retrevice data from excel and ExcelApp.Worksheets(gTab).Range(gStartCell).Offset(R,C)=A; to send data to excel.

gTab=sheet name, gStartCell= reference to starting cell, R=offset row, C=offsetColumn

The error message is "worksheets" is not a member of referenced object ... The strange part is that these two lines of code are in a loop (the user creates an excel sheet with parameters used to make a measurement and he wants the measured data written to excel line-by-line) of 1500.  when the error appears seems to be fairly random.  Some times sometimes it 5 lines and some times its 150 lines before it errors.
An Ecel issue? Or a VEE issue? Any ideas?

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