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AW: vrf vxe files - Excel

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 2006
Concerning Excel- it seems that you are using the old way ( before 7.5) of using Excel.

Use the new Excel - lib functions , and you do not have these problems of multiple excel tasks by using multiple vee sessions anymore.

Best way to start is using the Quick Start in  the excel menu.


There is an explanation of this behavior in the excel lib help file...

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Hi All

I have started working with 7.5 version. When I'm using secured files (vxe) with run time 7.5 version,

I don't see the whole file name when the file has more then 8 characters; it shows only a part of the file name with ~ sign

Like dos do. I'm not familiar with this behavior from the previews version, and it's very important for me to see the file name

Since we are working with few version, and it may cause mistakes.

My second question concern to Excel, I have a program that dills with a lot of excel programs, when I want to close all of them

With CloseAllWorkBooks it seems that it doesn't close them, and when I try to open the file or save it with other name it doesn't allows me.

I open the task manager as there were a few open excel process. I have killed these process and then everything continue as well,

So what should I do, and how can I provide that no more then current excel workbook will be opened as opened process.





Arie Fainbrun




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