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Using to Find-A-Part: Specific Models N5700A & N8700A

Question asked by carlp on Apr 27, 2012
The attachment provided has the most commonly replaced parts/assemblies  These parts get lost, broken ect.

The URL listed below is provided as an example to review active parts and assemblies that can be ordered FROM Agilents parts organization known as SPO (Support Parts Organization) when using
The URL show is an example can be used to help you get started. 
Simply enter the model number in the link shown below for the specific model you are intrested in (Example Model N8731A).

Then click on _*Parts*_ as shown in the example below under _*Technical Support*_
Product Overview > Key Specifications | Price & Availability | Options | How to Buy | more... 

_*Technical Support*_ > Manuals | Drivers, Updates & Examples | Application Notes | _*Parts*_ | more... 

The _*Agilent Find-A-Part*:_ Product Number Match Page will appear
Click on _*View Parts*_  (Blue Box)

The Parts List for ProductN8731A will be displayed 
Refine by Part Category
Click each subcatagory until the part/assembly can be found
Example Click on Mixcellaneous 
See 5003-1125 AC Input Safety Cover 
Click on the part number _*5003-1125*_ 
See Parts Details 

The following parts have been made available for Trade Sale to customers using the described link. These aswemblies/components are active and available from Agilents (Support Parts Organization) Known as SPO.

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