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vrf The Inside the VEE Icons Manual

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 21, 2006
To our fellow VRF-ers:

Once a while, we receive a question regarding our supervisory lab manual (Inside the Icons) on VEE that is mentioned in our text (VEE Pro Practical Graphical Programming published by Springer/London; ISBN 1-85233-870-9). It is an 82-page document that acquaints supervisors and managers with the capabilities and features of VEE without their having to become programming experts. It includes a PC disk of pre-developed labs (SLABS) that run on VEE versions 5, 6, and 7.
Its cost is US $20.00 plus shipping which we will calculate based on where you want us to send the manual and disk.

Send your request to: Then we will forward the total cost (including shipping) to you. You can then send a check to: Robert B. Angus; 9 Pine Street; Bedford, MA 01730-2817. No purchase orders, please.

Bob Angus and Tom Hulbert

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