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vrf RS232 and linefeed issues

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 3, 2006
> I have gone into Instrument Manager
> -> Serial Port -> Properties ->
> Advance settings -> Direct I/O and
> deleted the “
† for Read Terminator
> and EOL Sequence. But, the direct
> I/O still keeps any data after a
> 0x0A from coming through.

I don't ever recall that happening, but then again I never actually deleted these. I set 'em to "".

I guess it could be something new with Suite 14 that nobody's noticed yet. At any rate, there are other ways to get data from serial ports. You can use the ms comm control or dozens of other activex wrappers, or use the serial api directly. I imagine at some point a serial wrapper will find its way into the .net framework too.