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Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 4, 2006
Dear   Nicole, 

I do not like to  mar VEE Pro's 15th birthday but as VEE designer with 10 years experience I would like that Agilent define more exactly VEE roadmap.

In my humble opinion there are several disadvantages of VEE:


1) Lack of Windows 64 bit support. I guess that VEE will be able to run on Windows 64 bit system but it is impossible to install VEE 7.5 on Windows 64 bit system since it is impossible to install Agilent I/O library on Windows 64 bit system. By the way NI offers  Windows 64 bit system support for LabView.


2) Lack of native VISA library support. Right now GPIB calls go through SICL library. It is impossible to design auto setup for GPIB/Ethernet devices.


3) Awful interface design ability. It is very difficult to persuade customer to accept VEE type user interface instead of LabView type user interface.


4) Very old built-in Matlab version. New Matlab signal processing toolkit is more powerful. It is impossible to use Matlab code designed for new Matlab signal processing toolkit in VEE.


With best regards,


Mikhail Kozlov




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