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About simulation sweep type

Question asked by wangyiliu99 on Apr 3, 2012
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by wangyiliu99
Hi, everyone,

I encounted one problem concerning the S parameter simulation frequency step.

To check the simulation with experimental results, I have done two adaptive sweep type simulations consecutively, with all other parameters being the same.
1) frequency range 0.1~8GHz. Results agree quite well, but 0.7~0.9GHz range has relatively big difference. So I 
change and narrow down to the desired range, and (2) simulation is conducted.
2) frequency range 0.7~0.9GHz. 

In the rational fitted raw S parameter results (touchstone file), I found out that, the case (1) has coarser discrete points
than case (1).  Which puzzled me quite a bit, as I thought the narrowed down frequency range would result in denser points. 

Then, I tried to run the linear discrete sweep type rather than adaptive sweep type in case (2) simulation, however, due to memory problem, simulation failed.

My questions are
(a) In the adaptive sweep type, if I want to get denser points result, what should I do? Reduce the delta error, or increase the sample points limit? Is it possible to set the desired frequency points in the adaptive sweep?
(b) In the discrete sweep type, using iterative rather than direct solver would consume less memory, are there any
other solutions to reduce the memory consumption?

Thank you very much!