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vrf I/O Board communications with Vee Pro

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 17, 2006
> When there are no drivers for these
> I/O boards is it possible to generate
> a program in Vee Pro to instruct
> these boards to go to get data and to
> retrieve it without having a special
> driver from the manufacture?

Generally it works like this: You get the Universal Library from MC for VEE and use that. There are a couple other options, but they're pretty intense.
At least, you need details of how the boards work.

It's curious that there are no drivers though. It would probably be cheaper to buy new hardware than jump through all the software hoops you'd need to without them.

There are usually three layers: a Windows driver, a library that usually (in the auld lang syne) manifests as a C dll, an optionally some higher level library like ActiveX or .NET. The driver and primary library are pretty much a must for any success (VEE or otherwise).

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