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vrf Problems with Vee execution rules

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 14, 2003

The attached file is an example of how I would do what you described.  The panels can be displayed independently and the buttons for displaying them are only de-activated when the panel is displayed.  They are then re-activated when the UserFunction is quit.


Graeme Hilton

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Dear all,
I am using Vee 6 to control an optical instrument attached to a telescope.
There are several functions within the instrument and each needs to be
controllled separately and because of the lack of Panel View space I am
implementing control of each function as a User Function with its own panel.
I would like to make each UF Panel Pop up on demand and display the controls
for that function. Problem is that I am using a Confirm(OK) button to start
each function off. This works OK first time through but then the button is
dead. I can use an UntilBreak/Delay loop to reactivate the button
periodically but I then find that after clicking the button to start, and it
is reactivated whilst the UF is still running (Because of Time Slicing?)then
the UF stops (What is going on here?!!).
I also find that if I have control buttons within the UF (and displayed on
the UF Panel) , which have been activated, and the UF is then run  the UF
will not terminate until all buttons have been de-activated by clicking .
What am I doing wrong here??.(Show and Hide front panel objects seem to work
OK). I know that a UF terminates when everything has executed but Vee will
not permit the construction of feedback loops to de-activate when execution
is complete. What am I doing wrong here??
I seem to have seen quite a few similar anomalies in Vee whilst trying to
resolve these problems.
Any advice gratefully received.

David Harrison
University of Hertfordshire

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