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vrf Two Questions, Need answers

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 21, 2003
> <I have a VERY strong
> feeling that Agilent will provide the solution very soon.
> I hope so, ethernet would be nice too. You got some insider scoop Jay?
> In the interim, should there not be an ActiveX Automation Reference that
> includes USB/ethernet control?
> Dale

I think the problem is that USB and ethernet "direct" access is not
very useful, and I doubt that Agilent is going to provide what you
want anytime soon or later.

In the case of ethernet, dumping random packets on the net is little
use.  You want to talk to something.  This is provided through the
sockets interface.  They have also provided an http server of some
sort, but I have not played with it.  But you get the idea.  Unlike
sending 1s and 0s out a serial port, ethernet requires a bit more to
be useful and not disturb others sharing the net.

USB is a similar problem.  It is not just a physical interface, but
also specifies the protocols to be used to talk.  I'm going out on a
limb here, but my recollection is that when a USB device is plugged
in, it is polled and asked its name, and that name is used to find a
driver and the driver is then responsible for talking to the device.
"VEE supporting USB" is a meaningless term, because it cannot be a
driver for arbitrary devices.  VEE can of course talk to loaded
drivers for USB devices, which it does.  I've used a Data Translation
USB I/O box with VEE without much trouble.  Others have used GPIO/USB
and serial port devices successfully.

Just my thoughts,


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