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vrf Reading Dos Command Window

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 23, 2006
Greetings VRF,


I’m trying to finish up my first gig as a contractor and I’m stuck trying to get trace data from an Anritsu 37397C network analyzer. It outputs the data in what the manual calls “arbitrary block†, which boils down to a giant string of ASCII characters where the values are separated by commas. I’ve tried just about every method of reading the data. I started by trying to read “BINBLOCK† 2D array, since I need two values for each point on the trace (amplitude and phase). When I do this, I get the 2D array, but most of the values show up as zeros. The first part of the transmission is a header telling me how many characters are contained in the output string. Using this information I was able to download the whole string by reading in “CHAR FORMAT† using the appropriate number of characters. Now I’m trying to find a relatively simple way of separating out the values and saving the data in a meaningful way.


One thing I noticed in the manual today is that there is an “enhanced ASCII† formatting mode that replaces the separating commas with linefeeds. I don’t know if this will help me, but it’s worth a try.

The other problem is: I won’t have access to the analyzer until tomorrow (Friday).


Thanks in advance for any advice or assistance,


Doug Rudrow

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