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34410A Calibration Questions

Question asked by phlogiston on Apr 18, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2012 by phlogiston
I have several 34410A's and I want to calibrate them.  I do not have all of the required equipment to hit the calibration points listed in the service guide.  I only use the 34410A's in limited ranges (i.e. I read voltage with them, but only to 10 V.)  So my question is, if I am doing something like the DCV gain calibration, I can generate and measure the input voltage for all of the inputs up to 100 V, what happens if I can't generate the 500 V input?  I could care less if the voltage measurement in the 1000V range is accurate or not.  If I can't generate 500 V, will it abort the calibration?  The service guide says that valid gain adjustment values must be within 10% of the nominal value, is there any way around that?