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vrf run time

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 2, 2003
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2003 by VRFuser
Hi Dean,
        I have done this using the 'custom-option' parameter you can send
on the command line... it works like this:

in the 'called' program use commandLine() to get the command line used for
the program; if there is more than one element of the array, check each for
the string "--custom-option"; if found then extract whatever parameters you
added to the command line; if not use a default ( or whatever is
appropriate )

in the 'calling' program add the --custom-option to the command line - here
is my formula box which is a control input to the Execure Program(PC)
object - note there needs to be an input called Path and an output called

CL = commandLine();
baseName(CL[0]) +
  (strPosStr(CL[0],"veerun.exe")>=0?" ":" -r") +
  ""Called Program.vxe" --custom-option"" +
  Path + """

for the "Working Directory" entry I used dirName(programName())

this assumes that (a) the program you want to call is called "Called
Program.vxe" and it is in the same directory as the calling program and (b)
"Path" is the parameter or set of parameters you want to send ( in my case
I was sending the name of a file to be processed )

I could send you an extracted example if you would like.

Hope that helps,


Mike Watts


  Michael Watts, Consultant                                 PO Box 92
  on the web: www.PreciselySo.Co.UK                      Exeter,Devon
  e-mail: MJWC@PreciselySo.Co.UK                              England     
  tel: +44 7714 339 729                                       EX4 2YY

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