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vrf Connecting VEE to a MySQL database -- Paging Mr. Craig McIntyre

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 13, 2006
thanks for the help Shawn!

i'll look into your website and let you know when we have success.

--- ArBot <> wrote:

> > I followed his procedure but got
> > stock using MyOLEDB3.exe.
> Are you sure that's not MyODBC?
> > Even when using MyOLEDB3.exe alone,
> > it can't connect to MySQL. Am i
> > setting it up correctly?
> Can *any* front end connect? What happens when you try to use the
> command line client? MySQL can be a bear to setup.
> At a guess, I'd say you need to turn your firewall off. By default
> clients connect on port 3306. If that's not open then nothing is going
> to happen.
> Several people have used MySQL successfully. I've never heard of
> MyOLEDB but I must say, I like the sound better than MyODBC. I use
> MyODBC with VEE & Visual Basic.
> You're probably not aware, but you can search my web site for further
> information. It's the link at the bottom of this message (um, the
> footer sometimes doesn't make it, so it's
> Click "Search The VRF" and have
> at it. Searching for MySQL produces fourty matches.
> Searching attachments produces six although only three programs are
> represented. They all use MyODBC at the moment, but I'm going to look
> into this MyOLEDB. I'd kind of like to get rid of the ODBC.

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