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vrf Tek Logic Analysers over LAN

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 12, 2006
> The Logic Analyser insists we have a Tek VISA running on the
> controller, but that obviously means we need to remove Agilent's VISA,
> which we can't do as we have a whole test system running off it.

> If anyone's come across this before, please, please give us a shout.

The last time I did anything with "Tek VISA" (about 6 years ago) it was a subset of NI VISA.
I think it also used VXI-11 protocol (available in Agilent VISA).
If I were on your project team, my first attempt would be to configure Agilent VISA with a TCPIP LAN Client with the protocol VXI-11 selected (rather than "automatically detected" because the Tek VISA might not take too kindly to the detection method).
If that didn't work, I'd try NI-VISA (on a computer other than the test system).  If that works, then I'd put NI-VISA side-by-side with Agilent VISA on the test system so that they could both work.

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VP of Engineering
Smart Sensor Systems
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