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vrf Pickering Relay Switch Control

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 20, 2006
> In the formula box I found a couple
> typos, on the dwBus and dwSlot lines.

Oh good lord! Well, that's what I get for not having my morning coffee.

> Output is: 50-513-021,250148,1.00

Splendid. Find the functions you need, write declarations for them in LoadPickering and you're in business.

> If VEE "fails" too, at least it
> will narrow things down more.

I think I can just about guarantee it won't. You're now using just about the most basic IO model you can, and I don't think Pickering would have gone as far as they have if their driver exhibited sporadic failures.

If all else fails give me a call at 630-978-9690 and I can spend a day over there. I'm mega-cheap and I'm only 20 miles away.

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