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AW: vrf Object picture print out

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 29, 2006
Beside the other solutions, you can generally use the VEE panel which you can print out.
If you want to have different designs, then use different VEE-panels and make the design in the way you want. For the labels you can use different fonts. At the end you can choose which panel you want to print out.
With this way I make some datas on the screen in landscape and similar in Portrait for printing.
Do you need a sample ?

Best regards,

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From: HAWE,CHRIS-JOHN (A-England,ex2)
Sent: Tuesday, March 28, 2006 2:26 PM
Subject: [vrf] Object picture print out


           I would like to create a one page results sheet incorporating a picture/Agilent logo, test data, pass/fail parameters (specs), etc.
but I am having a little trouble setting up the print out routine to include variations in the text I wish to have printed.  For example is there a command(s), which I could include within a program, which would enables an objects' picture to be sent to a printer. Furthermore is it possible to change the font used in a TO PRINTER object : WRITE text command, eg.  variate the font types & sizes of text sent to the printer?
Thanks in advance,

Chris Hawe.

PS. I am a newcomer to VEE programming & on a steep learning curve.

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