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vrf Error 979 solution (?)

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 14, 2006
Shawn et al,

As suggested, I compared the state information between a good copy and one that has problems - there are no differences. A simplified version of my application has a state number of 640 #H and the normal version, which has a strip chart background picture, has a state number of 465233.  These numbers don't change between "good" and "bad" versions.


Shawn wrote:
I have one more suggestion, given that now you know it's basically a corrupt data problem. Compare state information from the good copy with that from the bad copy. This will be found in the .vee file and it looks something like this:

     (name "Libs, Classes & Functions")
     (variableName "gtv")
     (objectType "MSComctlLib.TreeView")
     (license 37 #H <some license bytes>)
     (state 128 #H <state information bytes>)

The number after state indicates how many bytes are in the data, two chars for each byte. If it has to do with corrupt string data, you'll probably find a missing 0 byte. I suppose there are several other possibilities too.

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