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vrf Agilent 3499A switch control by using Agilent VEE Pro

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 26, 2006
Hi Jess,


We could communicate to 3499A, almost similarly as you did with 34401A. (Direct I/O of Instrument Manager)


3499A has two modes in remote communication – 3488 Mode & SCPI Mode.

The 1st means for utilizing old set commands inherited from obsolete 3488A. The 2nd means for commands set as almost Agilent T&M instrument.


User manual should comprise of chapters explaining both modes of communication respectively. I wonder you’re possibly referring Quick Start Guide/Book now instead of full chapters’ manual, if you couldn’t find these topics in your book. Any manual normally doesn’t show examples/explain programming directly with VEE, but it tells the commands syntax for desired operation. You’ll write these commands into VEE (e.g. using Direct I/O object).


Hope this help.





From: Jess You* []
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 9:46 AM
Subject: [vrf] Agilent 3499A switch control by using Agilent VEE Pro


How to send command to Agilent 3499A switch control by using Agilent VEE Pro? For digital multimeter like Agilent 34401A, we can use Instrument Manager's Direct IO to send or write command to the instrument, but what about Agilent 3499A switch control? From the user manual, what i get only the system overview and some note for remote interface, which only consists of commands without any detail of how to apply or start in Agilent VEE Pro....any ideal of doing this?

Thank you...


regards, Jess



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