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vrf Eagle USB Data I/O box

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 13, 2006
 Hi Johan,
Thank you for this fast answer which appears exact.
My 3  box work correctly now after the replacement of the I/O interface circuit.
In my opinion, these cases had been never used , this is why I supposed that it was  an installation problem.
After investigation, an ex-colleague would have used them and destroyed without inform me.
Best regards
(Fr) Eddy
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Sent: mercredi 12 avril 2006 15:29
To: Eddy Scherpereel
Subject: RE: Eagle USB Data I/O box

If the other devices work fine and these ones  USB-24A   1000003934,  USB-24A  1000004264,  USB-24A  1000004263 doesn’t work, you will have to send them back for repair. The driver for all the devices are the same and there are no reason why some shouldn’t work.
Johan Russouw
Software Engineer, Eagle Technology
Tel : +27 21 423 4943
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Subject: FW: Eagle USB Data I/O box
Please help customer
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From: Eddy Scherpereel []
Sent: 12 April 2006 02:13 PM
Cc: Eddy Scherpereel
Subject: Eagle USB Data I/O box
Hi everybody,
Hi have problem to install Eagle USB Data I/O box.
Installation & correct operation on 3 computers under Windows 2000 with HPVEE 7.0 for this box :
  USB-24A D1000004261
  USB-24A D1000004262
Correct installation not possible with this sames computers for this box :
   USB-24A   1000003934
  USB-24A  1000004264
  USB-24A  1000004263
I have always this Windows device manager message “device cannot start (Code 10)â€
This box are new.
I have try the last drivers availables on website without result.
Is it a regitry Key problem ?
Thank you for your help.
Best regards
(Fr) Eddy

Eddy Scherpereel 
R&D Engineer
Phone: +32 56 239 411
Skype: escherpereel


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