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vrf VEE and PCI --OR-- How to do VEE Callbacks - for REAL! or even Got Callback?

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 22, 2006
Oh dear! Yup, that stack thing is confusing alright. So confusing I swapped the parameter order in the first part of the stack diagram. The sequence should go like this:

Local vars (from VEE)
Param (from VEE)
Proc (from VEE)
Return address (from VEE)

The rest is ok except for TOS, which should be by the note "Next PUSH goes here". Also, ebp actually points to "Local vars (p in this case)". This is compensated for in the get_Params function by adding one to the passed index and then multiplying by 4. Ah, late nites & beer.