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vrf VEE and PCI Closing

Question asked by tdaniels on Apr 23, 2006
Just a note to update and close my Pickering PCI Switch and NI PCI DMM
struggles of last week.

With Shawn's help, the Pickering card is working great with VEE.  As he
suggested, dealing directly with the pilpxi driver worked much better than
using the other layers on top that were causing LabView to lock up during
access to the Pickering card.

Brian Powell of NI also suggested using VEE 7.5 to address the NI DMM,
because of the new support Agilent built in to utilize NI's MAX.  I
downloaded the 7.5 VEE eval today to try it.  It works great.  It took
under 3 minutes to set the card up and take the first measurement.  I'm
getting a quote to upgrade to VEE 7.5 now.

Thanks again to all.


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