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vrf VRF Memory Usage - how do I make VEE release it?

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 28, 2006
Delete the variable (Data > Variable > Delete Variable) when you no longer need it, it should help.

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Subject: [vrf] VRF Memory Usage - how do I make VEE release it?

How can I make VEE release memory it uses without importing a function via a library, then deleting that library?
For example, Allocate a Real64 Array that is 10E6 in size.  Vee is now using 97MB of memory, as reported by the task manager.
If you run it again, but change the size to 1, the memory is not released, yet the original data is gone, since the latest data
output is only a 1 byte array.
I have memory problems when I am manipulating files and arrays, especially with large files. The memory never seems to be released, so the PC starts to use virtual memory and starts to crawl.
Is there some way I don't know of the force a cleanup?  I've tried turning off all debug functions, with no improvement. 
I just found that minimizing a stopped VEE application seems to release the memory from the task manager process listing.  Weird.
Joe Flynn


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