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vrf I'm a new Vee user..trying to connect to a HP34970a

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 6, 2006
> I have programming book for the device and have tried to send a
> "*IDN?" or "IDN?" to the device to see if I can get something back.

Yeah *IDN? should return the model, hardware revision & software revision (IIRC). If your transaction looks like this you're doing it right:


If that produces problems check your baud rate, handshake, bla bla. Serial can be a bear sometimes. The Archive can guide you. Look for RS232 or RS-232 or serial (and so on).

If the Find Instruments button works then that should work.

> Maybe there is a file or old email
> someone can send me to help out.

I got you covered there.

There are probably lots more too.

Eventually you'll want to set up a scan list. You can set it up to trigger itself or you can do it in like an On Cycle loop. It's all very flexible.