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vrf Mettler TG50

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 28, 2006
Bit off topic possibly, but any help much appreciated.
Has anyone interfaced to RS232 output (either data output or serial print out) on Mettler TG50 thermogravimetric balance with TC10a processor. I want to use VEE to interface to this for a customer (and very good friend). The unit interfaces to a standard Epson Dot Matrix printer but the serial card in the printer is fitted with bespoke EPROM. There is a separate PC link (RS232 intended for bespoke Mettler software)
I also have a photocopy of the TA Processor to computer manual but the customer never purchased the IBM PC software which came with it (PC was a 286). I really just need to extract basic data from the machine. The VEE part will be easy for me, it is just the Mettler protocol - if anyone has experience with it then any advice greatly welcomed.
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