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Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 28, 2006
> Just out of curiousity (and because it may be affecting something I'm
> working on right now), does turning off the debug features in the
> development environment affect the .vxe created ?

Not that I'm aware of. The problem is that VEE holds on to values if debugging features are on. When those values are object references, the object server remains afloat after the VEE program stops, unless explicitly commanded to exit. For an object server, this usually amounts to deleting all references. If related references linger on data lines that won't work though. It all depends on the object and under what circumstances it calls AddRef().

From the VXE point of view, when a VXE stops it terminates, so any object servers (theoretically) terminate too. In the development environment it's often the cause of left over servers. Especially Excel, which in earlier versions (97/98) didn't terminate properly.

Fortunately that particular problem is pretty much long gone, but it got so bad at times you had to post a quit message to Excel to get it to go away.
The shortcut method of using TerminateProcess is never a good idea. It's acceptable only when all other methods of exiting a process fail - that is, only if the process hangs.

Similarly, the practice of calling ExitWindowsEx with bit 2 set (EWX_FORCE) is also usually a pretty bad idea unless you absolutely have to do it.
Setting this flag bypasses sending WM_QUERYENDSESSION and WM_ENDSESSION to applications (except in XP and later) - they are simply terminated with no regard as to what they happen to be doing at any particular time. A better plan is to use bit 4 (EWX_FORCEIFHUNG).

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