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vrf directory/file choice

Question asked by rsb on Oct 28, 2002
"HILTON,GRAEME (A-England,ex1)" <> wrote:
> Hi Richard and all vrfers,
> Here's a challenge.  The attached program works with local and mapped drives.
> Can it be made to work with UNC's, i.e. \serverAdirectory1directory2 ?

since dir listing works from command line there's no reason it shouldn't
work from a command line driven by VEE.

C:TEMP>dir \ntbits.soco.agilent.comads2002cdrom
Volume in drive \ntbits.soco.agilent.comads is appsrv
Volume Serial Number is FC77-007D

Directory of \ntbits.soco.agilent.comads2002cdrom

02/21/2002  07:49a      <DIR>          .
02/21/2002  07:49a      <DIR>          ..
02/21/2002  08:06a      <DIR>          disk1
02/21/2002  08:11a      <DIR>          disk2
               0 File(s)              0 bytes
               4 Dir(s)  51,773,095,936 bytes free


Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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