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vrf int16 - is there a bug

Question asked by warren.pickles on Apr 24, 2003
Yes I think you are right.  If you send -1 as Int16 into a To String with
WRITE TEXT a HEX you get "ffffffff" - ie a 32 bit hex representation.  If
you send "ffff" into a From String with READ TEXT x HEX, the output is 65535
In the VEE Pro Advanced Programming Techniques book, it says that WRITE TEXT
HEX writes data as a 32-bit two's complement integer in hexadecimal form.
Perhaps that applies to all hex conversions in VEE - ie they all end up as


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Hi Warren,

yes i assume, that the int 16 range is from -32768 to 32767. -1 is FFFF in
16 and 65535 in int32 or unsigned int16. Is there maybe the problem, that
converts hex every time to an int 32 value and so it is interpreted as 65535
not as -1?


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