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vrf Multi-VEE-ing capability

Question asked by VRFuser on Dec 16, 2001
Hi all.

> > The two VEE applications don't share the COM port, it's the HP I/O
> > library control that controls the com port. The two VEE applications

>There you go! Of course you're exactly right. In the end, I think the
>only 'egoistic' behaviour that VEE would have to be criticised for is
>that it somehow claims a lot of the available system performance 'just
>in case', so that whatever NON-VEE-application gets horribly slow. As

Well, then again this port was a really *huge* task to pull off. I'm not
privvy to the details, but they did produce a Windows version that does work
- nevermind my nit-picky complaints about look and feel.

If I'm right about the technique Agilent used (again, I don't know the
details so that's a big "if"), then what they did was to create an X-like
environment inside Windows to host VEE in. That is no small feat. It may go
so far as emulating some of UNIX itself. If either of these assumptions are
correct, I understand why VEE needs to grab so much.

Oh! I just thought of a *great* example: do any of you guys remember
Desq-View? For those that don't, the short story is that it was an early
pre-emptive multitasker for the PC. It used to be possible to run Real or
Standard mode Windows *inside* DV, and naturally the DV fans got a real kick
out of that. Windows would cooperatively multitask it's applications while
DV preemptively multitasked everything else you cared to run.

The point is that I *think* (meaning I don't know) that's pretty much what
Agilent has accomplished here, only in reverse. They've taken a little piece
of their HP-UX and made it work in Windows. Any way you look at it, it's one
heck of an accomplishment.

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