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Question asked by twhite on Nov 21, 2002
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I am trying to invoke function FindWindowA found in user32.dll from VEE.  Two parameters for this function are a pointer to the window class name and a pointer to the window handle.  If I know the window class and window handle then I have no problem invoking the function without error.  What I want to do is pass in null pointers to FindWindowA to get the first window, however I have been unsuccessful at passing in a null pointer to the function from VEE.  Regardless of the methods that I have used Vee has always found a way to create a non-null pointer and pass that to FindWindowA.  Null pointers are allowed in the function call based on documentation plus I have passed null pointers from 'C' and Visual Basic.

The short questions are "Has anybody passed null pointers to a DLL function from Vee?", and if yes then "How have you accomplished this?".  I am using VEE Pro 6.0.

I know that I can create a custom DLL in 'C' that can make the call on Vee's behalf, but I would like to build the complete interface within Vee to minimize the number of moving parts.

Thank you.

                                                     Tom White
                                                     TN 633-8270

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