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vrf vrf digest: March 04, 2003

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 5, 2003


Have you exhausted the alternatives?
1. A Vee 6 ActiveX example uses a rich text box
embedded in Vee
2. Can you use Vee file IO to write an html file with
<table><tr><td> tags, then import it into Word?
3. Use Excel instead. There is an add-in for
controlling Excel called Vxl at that would make this easy.

If none of these are ok, I suggest you run the macro
recorder in Word, New a doc, add text, convert it to a
table, and then look at the resulting VBA code, and
port it to Vee. There is an article on how to do this
Pay special attention to "Using VBA to generate
automation code"

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