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vrf Coord data type

Question asked by g.nied on Mar 27, 2002
Hello together,

while writing my list of wishes I found out something interesting about

I always thought that it is a shame to be able to declare an array constant
by [2,3] or a complex by (2,3) but to declare a coord I did not found a
Now I did find it - and I wonder If I am the only one who did not know that?

If you enter "coord(2,3)" into you get the desired coord constant. This is
not mentioned in the docs or in the Function&object browser.

Question to Agilent: is it save to use this undocumented feature?

And another question: I would also like to know a possibility to retrieve
the values in a formula like coord.X or coord.Y

If that is unknown it should be implemented!

        Georg Nied
Hansestr.7 - 51149 Cologne

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