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vrf 2d array to AccessDatabase

Question asked by VRFuser on Jan 29, 2002
Hi Orla,
        I don't think you can do this - you have to add each record
one-by-one.  Having said that, I tried adding 500 records ( only 3 fields )
takes only .15 s on my ( admittedly fairly fast: PIV, 1.5 GHz ) PC.  I can
send you a sample file if it helps.

Mike Watts

Message text written by "Orla Poulsen"
>Can somebody tell me if there is a possibility to add a 2dArray like
(500,5) to a table with 5 fields in a database without a loop, because its
very slow.

Any help will be a big help, iff it is vee, vb or c++ dosn't matter

Orla Poulsen

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