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vrf Vee gripe list

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 2002

Very good point!

You CAN do precisely what you want by sending it to a disk file as a
DATASET and reading it back again, but it would be S-L-O-W compared to
a VEE program alteration/addition you (and many of us) are seeking.

I guess you could set up a small RAM-DRIVE (remember those??) and send
it to that then read it back again so the I/O overhead of a disk operation
is eliminated!  WOW, then not only do we have the ability to read 1 record
or all records back, but we could use SEARCH SPECIFIERS also. This just
keeps getting better!  <g>


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Great List!

My own pet peeve is that once I have specified a record structure in a Build
Record object, I would like to be able to create the corresponding structure
in an Unbuild Record without having to add all the field names manually.
This obviously should be generalized to work in any direction from any of
the objects that require all or part of the record structure, such as
Declare Variable, SubRecord, etc.

Bill Ossmann
Philips Ultrasound